Facility Outsourcing

Specializing in HVAC, Pro-Air Services can meet your industrial services needs through facility outsourcing. We provide on-site resident technicians, who receive ongoing skills and safety training. We can provide one technician or as many as needed.

We currently have full-time technicians working in companies and institutions throughout North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley. Our facility outsourcing customers benefit from reduced down times and quicker turnaround times for repairs and installations.

We can provide as many service technicians that you need for your company. All of our technicians receive intensive ongoing equipment, skills and safety training.

Cost Tracking

Pro-Air Services helps make it easier for you to budget for ongoing maintenance costs for your HVAC and refrigeration equipment. By using our cost tracking system, we can determine the exact cost associated with each piece of equipment. This will allow for budgeting of capital expenditures for your facility’s equipment and will prompt estimates from the Pro-Air Projects Department for future budgeting needs.